This is the 10th edition of the Yamaha XS650 Calendar and is becoming a collector's item for all XS650 owners and fans. Each year, the calendar sells out and is hung up in shops in many countries around the world! The calendar entries are determined by nomination and voting process over at xs650.com and a portion of each calendar goes to supporting the forum that provides so much free information on the Yamaha XS650.

I bought the last 2 calendars and you'll never find a better quality product in my opinion. Bikes are built by us and photographed by us. Shawn always manages to bring out the essence of that. Looking forward to the next one.

Jim Dent

Kansas City, MO USA

The XS650 calendars produced by Shawn are always highly anticipated! They are generously sized and printed on heavy paper stock, the photos are always sharp and clear. I have bought one or more every year that I have been on the forum. Top quality all the way! My shop always has one prominently displayed.

Bob Campbell

Surprise, AZ USA

The bikes are all beautiful and having spent 35 years in the printing business, might I say that the production is more professional than some of the ad-agency projects I've seen in my career. Glad I bought one.​

Bryan O'Shaughnessy

Cary, IL USA